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ICO Review | KubitX – First Truly Global Exchange

KubitX ICO Review

Concept Behind KubitX

The aim of KubitX is to provide a one-stop platform for all its users. The developers understand that many countries and citizens around the world have been left out of the blockchain revolution. They, therefore, hope that they can be able to connect all these dots to provide a top of the line solution based on best practice already in use by global organizations.

It has been designed in a simple and user-friendly manner to ensure that people from across the world can use it with ease. It aims to ensure that all citizens get to enjoy the power held by blockchain technology regardless of where they come from

With vision to create a secure, user-friendly, and highly efficient cryptocurrency trading platform. Its main focus is to open the door for the inclusion and adoption of cryptocurrencies into emerging markets. This will make it easier for users to trade regardless of their location. Users in remote locations will, therefore, be able to trade with ease.

Green Flags
1 It has a profounding idea to implement and blockchain has an essential role to play in it.
2 Team KubitX has core 12 team members and 7 advisors who have relevant experience in the blockchain industry. One can contact each person on their LInkedIN profile.
3 It’s roadmap is transparent and justifiable. It clearly demarcates each period through which the development will take place.
4 With motive to make it simple for each individual to participate in cryptocurrency exchange, they shall have huge consumer base.
5 Team has done well to represent themselves through the means of whitepaper which is detailed and expresses everything that one would like to know.
6 They have proper token and fund allocation for the project.
7 Team has done well to create a positive hype over the social media platforms.
8 Team KubitX exhibits great experience in each sector of the ICO.
9 There is a huge possibility for the team to be able to achieve their hard cap
10 The founders actively participate in blockchain events across the globe.
Red Flags
1 They have expenses for the Bounty Campaigns
2 Currently they do not any MVP. They have mentioned in the roadmap to have one during the 3rd and 4th quarter of the year 2018

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